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Nothing Like You - Lauren Strasnick At first I tried reading this story and just wasn’t that into it, but then after a second attempt, I finished it in about 5 hours. Holly was a kind of person you could relate to, except for the fact that she was very naïve about Paul (one of her love interests). I mean, shouldn’t she know that if a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you that means he’s a bad guy? That you need to cross him off your list?

Throughout the book I thought Paul was kind of creepy. He would randomly come to Holly’s window and took advantage of her a lot of times. Who I really loved though was Nils, Holly’s best guy friend. I have always loved the best friend relationship. It was kind of predictable right when Holly introduced us to Nils in the beginning, but it was still nice to get to know about him.
In all, this was a light summer read.

The Cover: The cover is really light and airy. I like how the sun shines behind her.