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Looking for Alaska - John Green I can't even imagine where I am supposed to begin with Looking for Alaska. This was such a great book. For one I love books that are from the point of view of a guy. I just think it's nice to read what's going on in a man's head for once instead of a girls. Secondly, this book is so much different than what I usually read and that is why I liked it.

John Green uses a different format than what is usually put into chapters. He starts from one hundred thirty-six days before and goes to one hundred and thirty-six days after which I just now realized are the same. I loved this format because you can tell that you are reading up to a climax and then reading what happens after. I of course will not tell you what the climax is as I was in complete shock as to what it was. There was only one hint of foreshadowing of what happened and it came a paragraph after.

Looking for Alaska just has left me with so many thoughts that I will still be thinking about it tomorrow. The characters are so different from what I've read and I love all of the nicknames in the book. Everywhere there is guessing and lessons to be learned. I was sad when it ended because I wanted to know more. It was just a perfect book to me and that surprises me because of how different it is from the other ones I think are perfect.

Also, John Green is a fantastic writer as well as Vlog Brother. I watched John and Hank on YouTube even before I knew he was an amazing author. They are so hilarious and witty and I hope you check them out.