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Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles In this book we continue to read about Caleb and Maggie's story that started in Leaving Paradise. This books is really an emotional roller coaster. It just seems like the two companions can't seem to get it right. They love each other, yet they still continue to hurt each other. In my mind I don't understand why they say and do the things they do sometimes because they know they love each other so why not just love each other? Who cares if you've got all this other stuff going on, just be with each other and help each other through it. Of course there were some major secrets that couldn't be revealed especially about the accident, so that stirred up some drama with the two.

The ending was very cute and romantic though so that's one part I really loved. I gave this a 3 because I just wasn't as into it as other books of hers I have read but I do love their relationship when they are together!

The Cover: The book cover is just kind of "eh." Also, I really don't think it's the same girl on this cover that's on the Leaving Paradise cover so it kind of confused me.