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You Wish - Mandy Hubbard Okay, the first thing I thought of while beginning this book was the new Disney Channel movie that came out called, 16 Wishes. It has almost the exact same concept…except the book is a lot better.
I like that You Wish is from a girl who’s not popular and not just an average girl. There is so much irony. For example, when you describe Kayla as being into converses and fishnet stockings, you wouldn’t think of pink as her favorite color which is what the cover of the book suggests (which, by the way, has a cupcake on it – um, yes!). As you get into the book, you realize her wishes have something to do with this.

Kayla is hilarious and I laughed so much throughout this book. The author, Mandy Hubbard, really has a grip on the thinking process and lives of teenage girls. She gets all of the pop-culture references correct which there are a lot of and I love! My favorite quote from Kayla is when she thinks, “Oh no, he didn’t.”

This book keeps you on your toes trying to guess what the next wish is since she doesn’t even know herself. Along the way, Kayla finds out who she truly is. The only problem is that it ended kind of suddenly. I wanted to know more about Ben and Kayla’s relationship and about her dad. Other than that, I think it’s a great light read. I read this book in less than a day.

The Cover: Well first of all there’s a cupcake on the cover so of course this drew my attention. The only thing I don’t like is the purple pony. In the book, it’s a pink pony so I guess I’m just kind of confused. I also like how the candle is blown out and the title of the book is in smoke.