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This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen I am kind of in-between with this book. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. I gave it 3 stars because I thought it would have been a little more about Remy (the main character) and her love interest Dexter. As always though, Sarah Dessen always ties in a deep meaning behind the entire book which I love. I could really connect with Remy even though I have never been through any experiences she's been through.

At first I didn't like Dexter at all until towards the ending. He just seemed very cocky, but there was a turning point for him when I realized that they were both really good for each other and my opinions really don't matter when it comes to their love. The book was predictable in some parts, but predictable in a way that I wanted certain things to happen and they did. I also laughed at a few parts!

The ending could have been better, but only because I wanted to know more. Sarah Dessen did a great job closing the book. I just wish there was a sequel! In all, this book was a light read with a good lesson.

The cover: I thought the cover was cute. It was very girly, although not much too it.