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Stork - Wendy Delsol I can't believe how fantastic this book was! I am originally from Minnesota, so when I first began the book there were some cliches about Minnesota that I didn't like, but it definitely grew on me and everything was for a reason and Minnesota was the perfect location for this book.

The story isn't so much as Katla being a Stork as it is about her finding out about new things everyday about her past. There is so much mystery and suspense. Wendy Delsol did an amazing job with sorting the whole story out and having everything relate to something in the end. In some books, the most interesting points aren't really until the end of the book. In Stork, it's almost all of the book! I was so excited to read more.

At first I didn't like Katla because she was complaining about moving to Minnesota, but that's just because I used to live there. By the 3rd chapter or so, I was really interested in her and grew to love her. I also, of course, loved Jack. He was so interesting and I wanted to know all about him.

This story is more about love of family,friends, and a significant other that the journey of finding out what a Stork is. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

Cover: The cover is alright. The girl matches the image of Katla very well. i just wish there was more of the color red in the cover since it does play a somewhat big role in the book.