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Spells - Aprilynne Pike I loved Spells because it definitely ended with a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read more. This book is all about Laurel learning about being a Fall Faeire and what it costs to have her family and friends involved in her secret. This book is also about Laurel deciding who she would rather be with – David or Tamani. (I really hope she chooses Tamani!) To me, David secretly likes Chelsea a little more than he should. I loved knowing about the new world of faeries called Avalon and everything that is possible there. When I was reading, I really wished I could go there and see for myself. Laurel also has to realize that the human world and Avalon is different socially. Spring faeries have to follow behind Fall faeries and only Winter faeries can be rulers. It all seems a little unfair to Laurel, but Tamani keeps insisting that it’s just the way it is in Avalon. I sense that is a little foreshadowing.