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Sleepless - Cyn Balog I really enjoyed reading this book. It's not too long, so I finished it in a couple of hours but it kept me wanting to read more. I loved the different point of views each chapter. Those are my favorite types of books to read. Sleeplessreally enhances who sandmen are and I love the imagination that Balog uses. I like that she didn't make it too complicated. For example, in some stories there's so much you have to do to walk through a wall, but in this story it's really quite simple. It made me focus more on the characters.

Eron is just swoon worthy. Probably since he's lived so long and was alive back in the 1900's. The way he describes Julia is just wonderful. Julia is a great character as well. She was a little difficult to figure out, but if you read the entire story I understood her better towards the end. The ending was incredible. I wish it had more detail between Eron and Julia, but in all this book is a great story about finding love.

The Cover: I really don't like the cover that much. I think it could have portrayed either Eron or Julia or the world of sandmen a little more.