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Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry is the perfect story about two star-crossed lovers. At Fairfield High School there are south siders and north siders, and they don’t exactly get along. When the popular girl, Brittany and bad boy, Alex become lab partners in Chemistry, they realize that they have more love for each other than anyone at school could have imagined.

Brittany and Alex go through a journey of finding out who they are as an individual and who they are as a couple. What is Alex willing to do as a gang member to protect his family? What will Brittany say to her family for them to realize she belongs with Alex? This book goes through the difficulties just like any relationship. This is the first book of three in a series. Any couple can relate to Brittany and Alex because of the hardships they have to go through and realizing they will do anything for love.

Simone Elkeles describes everything so perfectly. I love the way the book is told by both Brittany and Alex. Each chapter is either told in one of their views and I believe that is what makes it a success because we can see into both of their heads.