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One Night That Changes Everything - Lauren Barnholdt I really enjoyed this book. I love movies that have an adventure that happens all in one night like Adventures in Babysitting or Sleepover, and this book is exactly that. I loved going through the night with Eliza discovering what she had to do next. I wish things would have been more extreme, but what makes it a great book is that it was realistic except for the 318s which you will find out for yourself once you read it. I thought they made a good touch to the book though. Of course I knew the moral of the entire story once I was through two or three chapters, but I enjoyed figuring out how she got to that point.

Eliza is a great character. I think she has more sense than her friends and I think that's why her and Cooper made a great couple. I'm not going to talk about Cooper because I don't want to give away any spoilers, but you'll just have to see for yourself whether you hate him or like him. One thing I really didn't like was the use of, "...because (a)... and (b)...." I feel like Eliza said this way too much. In all, this book was a great read and recommend this to any girl.

Cover: I have the version in the picture above and I love it!! I wish she was wearing jeans though because that's what Eliza was wearing throughout the night I believe. I love the colors though.